About Us

Do you want to challenge your students to use their mathematical skills in new and creative ways? Well, the American Math League does just that for them! The Online Math Competition League is for Grades 3-11. Our Online Math League competition is for students all around the world. Students from all kinds of schools, including home-school students, can take tests at their own schools or homes under the supervision of their own teachers or parents.

The American Math League was created by Mr. Tong. He received his Master’s Degree in Math Education. He has won several National and State Championships in various math competitions and has taken his team to victory in the Olympiads. Mr. Tong has trained students for Math Counts, American Math Competitions (AMC-8-10), Harvard MIT Math Tournaments, Princeton Math Contests, National Math Leagues, and many other events.

Mr. Tong’s teaching style ensures his students' success. He puts great effort and time into his students. He uses different teaching strategies to help struggling students. His dedication and commitment towards his students is evident through his student’s achievements.

We believe that every student has the potential to shine in science, math, and engineering. Therefore, we encourage every school and their students to participate in the American Math League.
The American Math League’s goal is to stimulate enthusiasm, and a love for mathematics, introduce key mathematical concepts, teach multiple strategies for problem solving, and foster mathematical creativity as well as inspiration.

Mr. Tong created the American Math League to offer students more places to showcase their talents and to help teachers develop math skills in their classroom. We hope you will join us in our pledge to make math more exciting and create better problem-solving skills!