Grades: 3-11

The online competitions are going to take place all year long. You may certainly purchase your membership in advance so that you can start practicing before the tests begin. If your child’s school is not participating, parents may purchase a membership for their child to participate at home.

There is no deadline for registration

There will be three tests given each year. After the registration is complete student will be able to access the tests. Students will get their certifications according to their scores right after they complete all three tests. Our computer will run the awards reports, so please DO NOT contact us for an extension to enter your test scores.

Tests are posted on database after registration is complete. Students will be able to access all tests. In order not to miss out on the test due to weather conditions or any other circumstances, we suggest that you have your students take the test within the 2-weeks window from the initial posting.

The online test will be timed. There are 12 questions on each test, which must be completed in 20 minutes. Each question will be equal point.

American Math League is an individual math competition.

Yes. Students may be registered at a higher level than their grade level, but only one level above their grade level.