What are the steps to register?

First, you must create an account with a user id and password. Once you have created a user id, you can go to the store and select the membership you want to purchase (school or individual student). Then, you will need to complete your purchase by going to your shopping cart and selecting the options of either a credit card, or a PayPal. Individual Student Memberships and International Team Memberships must be paid by a credit card.

Can homeschoolers participate in the contest?

Yes. Homeschool organizations and after school clubs are more than welcome to join the competition. Any student may participate individually for a $50 fee.

How can I register as an individual?

  • Parents/guardians may also register their students as individual participants. 
  • Using the same link: click Sign Up!

How can I register my school? 

  • School Admin, Math Department Head, or any Math Teacher can register the school for the American Math League.
  • Registration link:
  • When the school is registered, Math Teachers/Math Coordinators can add their students to the American Math League Online Test portal. Then, students can start studying for their practice tests and take the online test when the testing window opens up in January.
  • School registration includes a max of 30 students per registration.

Once the registration is complete, and payment is made, how do teachers add their students/parents add their child(ren)? 

  • Once the Coordinator registers the school/parent registers their child for American Math League and makes the payment, he/she needs to share the American Math League School credentials (username and password) with other teachers involved. They can Click here to add their students. After teachers add their students, each student will be provided with a unique username and password automatically.

Fees and Billing

How much does the contest cost for the year?

The cost of entering the American Math League for one year is $175 per school with a max of 30 students. A parent may sign up an individual student for the contests for $50 but must pay by credit card. International schools cost $175 and must be paid by credit card as well.

Refund/Credit Policy

We cannot give refunds or credits after registration.


  • The online test will be timed and will include 12 multiple-choice questions, which must be completed in 20 minutes.
  • Students will work independently, and each question has equal weight
  • Calculators are not permitted.
  • Our records will determine which awards/certificates are to be given after the last contest. STUDENT SCORE (0 – 36) is the number of problems answered correctly from all 3 different tests.


What are the awards for the competition?

  • First Place Certificate: Top 1%
  • Second Place Certificate: Top 5%
  • Third Place Certificate: Top 10%
  • Participation Certificate: For everyone